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Air Vents And Their Security Risks: What You Need to Know

Air vents are very important installations in almost every building — both residential and commercial. If your home or building has central heating and air systems, it usually has openings that transfer air to and from the air conditioner and furnace. Vents are the air supply channels that connect to the building’s central air-conditioning system. This way, they efficiently heat or cool the building.

However, just like other systems with one or more advantages, air vents are not 100% without fault. Of the few downsides to air vents, if not the greatest disadvantage, is the safety risks that are associated with them. Aside from the possibility of spreading air contaminated with bacteria, viruses, mold, and toxic chemicals (such as smoke, carbon dioxide, and asbestos), they are possible entry points for invaders. 

Aside from fire, natural disasters, willful vandalism, and other security issues, HVAC security attacks can also include unauthorized entry and theft, which could lead to the loss of valuable assets and information. So how do you ensure that your facility is not unduly exposed to security risks through the building’s ventilation system?

What To Consider When Installing Air Vents In Your Business Facility

The design of a building should include an HVAC security control, which outlines how the system works, including any safety or alarm features. In addition to this, there should be a risk assessment accompanying the system’s design, as well as a groundwork for developing a reliable security plan. 

It is possible that you moved into the building long after it was built, so you might want to find out if an HVAC security control system exists. Knowing this helps you prepare ahead against any security breaches through the ventilation system of the building. This is because intruders, especially someone who understands the system, can easily access the building through the vents. 

Again, if your building uses an HVAC system, the security assessment should include a review of the entire system to identify any weak entry and exit points. You may not realize it, but air vents can be a serious source of security issues for your home or business.  Furthermore, consider installing a reliable alarm system that will automatically notify the authorities once a breach is detected in the system. 

Protect Your Building With A Reliable Security System

Security should be a part of the planning and design of every facility. And one important area that often gets overlooked is the ventilation system. Recognizing the security risks of air vents is one way to mitigate intrusion and loss of assets. At Smart Digital, we specialize in providing commercial and business security solutions to businesses in Ohio and surrounding cities. Have more questions about security for your business? Contact us today to speak with an expert.

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