CASE STUDY: Chevrolet of Wooster Installs Surveillance Cameras, Reduces Theft

Company Overview At Chevrolet of Wooster, the owners and staff strive to provide Ohio drivers with distinctive automotive products and exceptional service while treating customers with integrity. In addition to new and used vehicles, the business provides customers with GM parts and Chevy repair services. The facility, located at 1119 W. Old Lincoln Way, sits […]

CASE STUDY: Hillman Precision, Inc. Upgrades Perimeter Protection

Company Overview Hillman Precision, Inc. located in Ashland, OH, is dedicated to helping customers by providing them with the highest quality parts on time and at a fair price. The family-owned company services customers from a 37,000-square-foot facility that includes a machine shop and warehouse. Areas of expertise include CNC lathes and millwork, as well […]

CASE STUDY: National Limestone Upgrades To A New Barrier Gate System

Company Overview The National Lime & Stone Company, located in Findlay, OH, is a national distributor of certified aggregates and diversified mineral product applications. For more than 100 years, the family-operated company has distributed high-quality aggregates, minerals, concrete, and asphalt by truck, rail, or river, both on time and on budget, across the United States. […]

Horsepower Farms Improves Perimeter Security With Automated Barrier Gate System

Company Overview Horsepower Farms, located in Powell, OH, offers collectors a unique storage solution for their prized possessions. Individuals can purchase Garage Condominiums for collector cars, recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, boats, and more. Build equity by purchasing a personalized storage space for your prized possessions and stop throwing away money on rent each month. The […]

Thomas Steel Improves Entry/Exit Point Management With Automate Barrier Gate System

Company Overview Thomas Steel Strip Corp., based in Warren, OH, specializes in the production of cold-rolled, hot-rolled, direct-rolled, electroplated, nickel, nickel-zinc, copper, and brass-plated steel strips. All of the company’s products are available with a variety of surface finishings and coatings, in low carbon steel grades 1002 through 1012 and high strength low alloy. The […]

Laser Triggered Alarm Installed At Ruhlin Construction To Mitigate Legal Risk

Rhulin Construction (Sharon Center, OH) has been serving the civil and industrial community as an architectural/construction powerhouse since 1915. Offering construction management, general contracting services, and design-build services, Rhulin has kept safety and compliance at the top of a tall stack of priorities.  As such, Ruhlin’s corporate office identified their need to protect their team’s […]

Air Vents And Their Security Risks: What You Need to Know

Air vents are very important installations in almost every building — both residential and commercial. If your home or building has central heating and air systems, it usually has openings that transfer air to and from the air conditioner and furnace. Vents are the air supply channels that connect to the building’s central air-conditioning system. […]

What are the Roles of Business Policies in an Establishment’s Security?

The importance of business policies can hardly be overemphasized. Considering that they serve as an on-the-go and reliable reference for making business-related decisions as well as managing employees and clients, it makes sense for businesses to create clear, adaptable business policies. In general, business policies serve as precedents to guide planning for future operations, thus […]

Securing Employee-Only Areas Of Your Business: What You Need To Know

Whether you have frontline, remote, or in-office employees working for you, one of the areas of business security you cannot ignore is employee safety. But beyond that, you also want to ensure that employees are doing their job right, and in the right environment. Interestingly, research has shown a connection between workplace health and safety […]