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CASE STUDY: Chevrolet of Wooster Installs Surveillance Cameras, Reduces Theft

Company Overview

At Chevrolet of Wooster, the owners and staff strive to provide Ohio drivers with distinctive automotive products and exceptional service while treating customers with integrity. In addition to new and used vehicles, the business provides customers with GM parts and Chevy repair services. The facility, located at 1119 W. Old Lincoln Way, sits adjacent to several other automotive dealerships and businesses. The location provides easy access to customers from Wooster, Rittman, Massillon, Ashland, Mansfield, Medina, and beyond.

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The Challenge

“Smart Digital is an excellent company with excellent employees.”
– Dale Wolf
General Manager @ Chevrolet of Wooster

The lot at Chevrolet of Wooster is large and stocked with valuable inventory. As the staff became aware of more and more thefts from the dealership, general manager Dale Wolf reached out to Brent Canfield and the Smart Digital team on the recommendation of another dealership. Wolf had talked to other security companies, but they recommended installing tracking devices in vehicles. Dissatisfied with the advice, Wolf contracted with Smart Digital to assess the situation and suggest a solution that would secure the perimeter of the property. After a thorough review of the lot, Canfield suggested the installation of smart cameras with AI capabilities installed around the perimeter of the dealership’s exterior.

The Solution

Smart Digital’s security experts installed 16 cameras, strategically positioned around the exterior of the dealership. Ten of the cameras were positioned to provide overlapping coverage, maximizing the view of the dealership lot and giving the staff a comprehensive view of all activity taking place on the lot. In this case, positioning multiple cameras with overlapping angles of view provided several hundred feet of coverage and eliminated blind spots. Each camera that was installed at the dealership included cutting-edge features such as night vision, motion-triggered detection, and 24-hour live surveillance. Additionally, the system is equipped with remote monitoring capabilities and a DVR to record unwanted activity on the premises.

The Result

The installation of this surveillance system took the Smart Digital team a week. The result that was achieved was better visibility of the dealership lot at all times, as well as the ability to forensically capture footage and review who was on-site at any given time. The visible presence of the cameras also alerted people to the fact that the premises is now secured by a surveillance system, and will hopefully act as a deterrent to potential thieves. All in all, the results received a positive review from the owners and staff at Chevrolet of Wooster, who were very satisfied with the results Smart Digital achieved for their facility.

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