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CASE STUDY: Holmes County Department of Job And Family Services Ensures Client Safety With Surveillance System

Company Overview

The Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services in Millersburg, OH helps families and individuals from all walks of live by providing services to county residents. The department works with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to administer programs that relate to workforce development, child and adult protective services, child support enforcement, and public assistance. Unlike other Ohio counties, the department combines these programs within one building, providing easy access to all services in one convenient location for residents.

To learn more about the programs administered by the Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services, please visit their website.

The Challenge

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Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services

Due to the sensitive nature of the programs housed within their building, the Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services had been actively thinking about installing a surveillance system to monitor their parking lots and doorways. The concern was both for the employees as well as for the residents trying to access these public services. After researching several companies and considering the estimates for the proposed work, the department chose Smart Digital to install a video camera surveillance system around their perimeter.

The Solution

After assessing the parking lot perimeter and evaluating the entryways at this government building, Brent Canfield and his team of security experts suggested the installation of 10-12. Using the latest in innovative technology, Canfield and his team strategically placed the cameras around the perimeter of the facility’s parking lot. Each camera was positioned in such a way as to provide overlapping coverage of the area being monitored and to reduce blind spots. The cameras that Smart Digital installed came with the following features:

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) capabilities that are triggered by motion sensors within each camera. Once a subject activates the camera, the device is able to follow and record their activity.
  • 24/7 monitoring with recording capabilities, so suspicious events are documented even when the building is empty.
  • Night vision to allow a clear view of the parking lot and doorways, regardless of the time of day or adverse weather conditions.
  • Weatherproof – commercial camera housings built to withstand extreme temperatures and other adverse weather conditions.

The Result

The end result of this project was exactly what the Holmes County Department of Job and Family Services envisioned – the installation of a state-of-the-art video camera surveillance system with cutting-edge features to monitor their parking lot and doorways. Although strategically placed to maximize coverage, the cameras are still visible to patrons and act as a visual deterrent to anyone who may have bad intentions. Now, the facility and its perimeter is protected and secure, and employees and those they serve can feel better about accessing the building or parking lot during business hours.

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