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CASE STUDY: SmartDigital Provides Access Gate Upgrade For Owens Corning

Company Overview

Owens Corning, headquartered in Tallmadge, OH, was founded after a lab experiment in the 1800s unexpectedly produced mineral wool insulation. This happy accident laid the groundwork for the insulation industry as we know it today. Over the following decades, Owens Corning sought to build a sustainable future for the planet through material innovation with people and products that make the world a better place.

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The Challenge

As Owens Corning has grown over the years, the facility found itself in need of a security solution that would accommodate almost constant truck traffic for deliveries. But the volume of trucks entering and exiting the facility each day required an automated option, not an access point operated by a security guard. The company originally installed a slide gate to control daily traffic, but over time discovered that their security system needed an upgrade. The gate that had been previously installed no longer met their needs, and technology had advanced enough that they knew it was time to update the system. Additionally, the company wanted to upgrade the audio and video systems that were in use and to include an automatic exit loop for vehicles leaving the premises.

The Solution

Owens Corning was referred to Brent Canfield and his team at SmartDigital by HySecurity, an industry leader of automated gate and perimeter security solutions. Owens Corning wanted to use a HySecurity slide gate as part of the facility upgrade, and SmartDigital is a HySecurity installer. The company choose the type of slide gate they wanted to have installed, and the SmartDigital team began the process of upgrading the two access points at the facility in Tallmadge. In addition to the slide gates, SmartDigital’s technicians installed fixed bollards with a high crash test rating to enhance safety at both entry and exit points.

Automated slide gates are ideal for locations with shorter driveways. A slide gate runs along the fence line and does not require additional space to swing open and closed. HySecurity slide gates are manufactured with industrial-grade components to ensure low maintenance and long life, and the gate itself is configured with more than 70 field adjustable settings via the system’s Smart Touch Controller. The addition of crash-rated bollards at the access points will further protect the facility’s buildings and equipment, by providing an additional buffer from undesired contact with a vehicle – whether accidental or intentional.

The Result

This security upgrade took the SmartDigital team three months to complete. Once the gates and bollards were installed, the desired traffic control at the facility was achieved. Although the project was relatively straightforward, the addition of enhanced technology to automate the gate required the team to dig a network of trenches for the power lines that ran between the slide gate and the building. However, once this was finished, a more controlled traffic flow was achieved for delivery vehicles entering and exiting the facility. All in all, the results received a positive review from the facility managers at Owens Corning, who were very satisfied with the results Smart Digital achieved for their facility.

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