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Surveillance & Alarm Systems Installer In Ohio

The 411 On Home Inventory Logs

It might be easy to picture some of your home’s contents in your mind’s eye, but if given a pop quiz where you had to enumerate all of your home’s belongings, you might struggle. This is benign enough under normal circumstances, but it can become a problem in the event that something in your home […]

The Importance Of Performing A Home Security Assessment

If you ever find yourself tossing and turning at night, wondering what you can do to truly optimize your home’s security, you can now rest easy. Completing a Home Security Assessment like the one provided by Smart Digital can help pinpoint areas of your home’s security that meet and/or exceed standards – and what residential […]

How To Keep Your Home’s Contents Safe By Securing Your Yard And Garage

Thieves on the prowl for their next hit don’t just consider the looks of a home – they also consider the appearance of a prospective target’s yard and garage. Whether it’s signs of negligence and disrepair or indications of opulence and wealth on display in a yard, there are some things that can invite unwanted […]

Why Your Home’s Lighting Can Play A Key Role In Preventing Theft

Security systems, locked doors, and guard dogs are often top of mind when many people think of upping their home’s security, but did you know that lighting can play an important role in keeping you safe? According to Utah Lights, “security lighting can improve most any home’s security system” – especially since they report that […]

The Benefits of Securing Your Home’s Windows and Doors

Your home’s windows and doors provide necessary access and ventilation, but if they’re not properly secured, these access points can be made vulnerable to would-be burglars. While it’s easy to forget to lock your doors or close your windows, doing so is a worthwhile safety precaution, as these parts of a home are most commonly […]

Why Maintaining Your Landscaping Can Affect Your Home’s Security

Because there is a huge difference between what a well-maintained yard and an overgrown, neglected garden communicates to onlookers, it’s safe to say that landscaping can have a huge impact on your home’s security. And while most people think of installing alarms and extra locks on doors inside a home to prevent burglaries, just as […]

Reasons Why Your Home’s Appearance May Be Affecting Its Security

While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, there is a lot of value in paying great attention to the way others view your home. When discussing home security, the conversation usually centers around the actions that should be taken and the services/tools that can be purchased to beef up security. […]

Residential Security Cameras With Night Vision Capability For Dark Areas Of A Property

As you consider the various layers of your home’s security system, installing surveillance cameras that detect motion on the outermost layer of your property can not only record criminal activity, but also can deter intrusion, vandalism, or attack. As a leading provider of home security solutions across northern Ohio, the SmartDigital team is proud to […]

Types Of Gates For Perimeter Security

The primary use of gates is to keep one’s house/facility secured from unwanted entries. It is the first layer of multi-layer property security. Having an automated gate access control system at your business or home will help improve the perimeter security and also makes it easier to grant access to your guests. In this article, […]