Pedestrian Gates provide protection for Comercial buildings in Northern Ohio

Professionally Installed Turnstile & Pedestrian Gates for Office security In Ohio

Smart Digital provides the protection of employees, physical assets, and sensitive data by managing the movement of people coming and going. ur expert technicians have specialized in the installation of turnstile security systems, pedestrian gates, and glass gates. These gates are frequently used within healthcare facilities, manufacturers, airports, transit stations, and offices. Contact Smart Digital today and receive a free quote for your pedestrian gates.

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The average cost of a commercial parking lot gate is between $9,000 – $25,000.

An office building pedestrian gate serves as a security solution for companies in northern Ohio

How Installing A Turnstile or Pedestrian Gate System Can Improve office building security?

Pedestrian gates add a solid addition to your office building security by restricting access to unauthorized personnel. This can manage the flow of people by managing the flow of traffic and is able to maintain a count of people on the premises. With an access control system, turnstiles can deter unauthorized personnel from “tailgating” authorized entries by only allowing one person to enter with the correct credentials. Keeping tabs on who is entering and leaving your building can ensure a safe and secure working space for your industry.

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Pedestrian Gate Solutions Can Protect Your Property & Your People

Should You Install A Pedestrian Gate Security System? Installing a pedestrian gate, such as an optical turnstile to strengthen your lobbies and building interior security is highly recommended for offices that want to add an obstacle to anyone who could potentially harm your employees, pedestrians, or your property. The challenge is that there are many office building security solutions and gate companies that claim to be the best at installing pedestrian gate systems, but lack the experience of a team who professionally installs gate security systems that tie into your entire security posture. 


We Install Glass Gate Systems & Repair Entry Gates For Any Industry

Manage and control pedestrian flow in and out of office buildings, public transits, healthcare facilities, and more with the best pedestrian gate for your environment.

  1. Retractable Barrier SpeedGate
  2. Swing Glass SpeedGate
  3. Arm Barrier SpeedGate
  4. No Barrier SpeedLane
  5. Swing Gates

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Keep Your Facility or Office Building Safe With Secure Glass Gate Installation In Ohio

Smart Digital provides a complete range of turnstile gates and door security systems to help manage pedestrian control
in office buildings, health care facilities, public transportation,
manufacturers, and airports. These glass gates offer an effective entrance barrier for people who are not authorized
to a certain area. Authorized users experience smooth access while avoiding any piggybacking from unauthorized users. We offer different types of turnstiles, including:

  • Arm Barrier Turnstiles: A metal arm is placed to prevent people
    from entering.
  • Full Glass Turnstiles: The metal arm is replaced by glass doors.
  • Optical Turnstiles: There is no barrier of this type and are often used in office buildings to register people who are cleared to enter.


Our turnstile pedestrian gates manage traffic flow efficiently.

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How much does turnstile installation cost?

Depending on your specific security and project needs, the pedestrian gate installation process costs anywhere from
$1,600 to $20,000 per lane. Smart Digital immediately gets started with a one-on-one consultation. Our goal is to work with you every step of the way. The variation between prices depends heavily on how you customize them.

Commercial Gate Access Installation & Security Gate Repair In Northern Ohio

Smart Digital Offers Office Building Gate Security Solutions and Commercial Gate Access Control Systems Installation Across Northern Ohio for different kinds of businesses.

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