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Case Study: Horsepower Farms Improves Perimeter Security With Automated Barrier Gate System

Company Overview

Horsepower Farms, located in Powell, OH, offers collectors a unique storage solution for their prized possessions. Individuals can purchase Garage Condominiums for collector cars, recreational vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, boats, and more. Build equity by purchasing a personalized storage space for your prized possessions and stop throwing away money on rent each month. The company has completed Phase I and II of their initial build and is constructing more units during Phase III and IV. Clients have 24/7 access to their condo, and the company offers around-the-clock security camera surveillance as a safety measure.

The Challenge

“Smart Digital’s proactive approach to perimeter security guarantees the safety of our client’s valuable collections. It adds value to their purchase and another layer of security to our existing surveillance systems.”
– Chip Vance
Owner @ Horsepower Farms

Once clients began purchasing the garage condos and moving in their collectibles, Horsepower Farms realized that they needed to step up security. Although they had installed a video surveillance system, the company wanted to protect the premiere, luxury vehicles, and other valuables housed at the storage facility. With the number of expensive vehicles being housed on-site, management quickly realized that an access control system would add an extra layer of security to the facility and secure the collectibles contained within each condo.

The Solution

Gate Installation at Horsepower FarmsHorsepower Farms contacted Smart Digital based on the company’s reputation for a proactive approach to perimeter control. They wanted to reinforce their existing fencing with a state-of-the-art access control solution and were looking for versatile options that would protect the high-value items being stored on-site. A commercial swing gate was considered but was not adequate for the storage facility’s needs. Management was concerned that the gate would take too long to open and shut, and that the high-volume traffic would mean the system would wear out quickly. Instead, Smart Digital suggested a DoorKing Slide Gate with a hydraulic system. This option has the necessary power to open and shut quickly and will require less maintenance and repair in the long run. The slide gate provides durability during high-cycle usage, and the innovative fail-safe design reduces the chance of injury or entrapment. The gate can be used in residential or commercial applications.

The Result

The Slide Gate installed at Horsepower Farms is also automated, allowing only those with the proper credentials to access the storage facility. This adds an additional layer of perimeter security to the facility, ensuring that only those individuals who have purchased units at Horsepower Farms will be able to enter and exit the compound.

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