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How To Keep Your Home’s Contents Safe By Securing Your Yard And Garage

Thieves on the prowl for their next hit don’t just consider the looks of a home – they also consider the appearance of a prospective target’s yard and garage. Whether it’s signs of negligence and disrepair or indications of opulence and wealth on display in a yard, there are some things that can invite unwanted attention from criminals, and should therefore be kept in mind when considering your yard and garage’s safety.


As they say: out of sight, out of mind – and this is no truer than when preventing thieves from seeing and being tempted by your home’s valuable outdoor equipment. Whether your outdoor space features an impressive barbecue and accompanying grilling tools or a lavish outdoor living space complete with a fire pit and a state-of-the-art sound system, leaving high-value items outside overnight can tempt thieves into targeting your home. If possible, bring in as many high-value items as possible when you retire for the night, and put all other items away under covers and tarps to better deter thieves. And when storing items overnight in your shed or garage, make sure you lock the door on your way out.

An additional safety precaution that impedes a thief’s line of sight into your yard is enlisting the help of a landscaper to burglarproof your yard. In the front yard, this could mean installing 3 ft.-high fences and/or hedges that preserve a natural line of sight that will provide a comfortable level of privacy without providing too much cover for thieves who would rather not be seen. But in the backyard, this could involve fences and hedges that are tall enough to prevent onlookers from spying a yard’s valuables from the street, as well employing cacti and prickly bushes around a yard’s perimeter to further deter thieves from accessing a property.


On the opposite end of a home’s displays of opulence is negligence, which can come in many forms. Whether it’s an army of toys strewn across a front lawn, a jungle of overgrown greenery in a back garden, or a garage that’s in visible disrepair, the appearance of neglect can communicate to onlookers and thieves alike that a homeowner is either uninterested or MIA. Luckily, the fixes for neglect are simple and often relatively cheap, and the benefits are numerous.

Install adequate lighting around your home to illuminate your yard and garage/shed during the night; ensure that all toys are picked up and put away when not in use; and engage in regular maintenance of both your yard and garage to see a drastic change in how others perceive your property. By doing so, you’ll likely stop thieves in their tracks while boosting your home’s property value.


While hiding your valuables and boosting your home’s appearance are two very important factors to consider when securing your yard and garage, a few miscellaneous tips and tricks can also provide additional security. Getting a dog for security purposes or plain old companionship is always a good route when seeking extra surveillance. But if that’s not in the cards for you, simply installing a sign that claims you have a guard dog on the premises can be enough to change a thief’s mind from approaching a home. Similarly, installing fake security cameras can deter thieves from targeting your home. But there’s no replacement for the real deal. If you are interested in truly maximizing your home’s security, we highly recommend investing in a high-quality security system.


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