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Surveillance & Alarm Systems Installer In Ohio

Laser Triggered Alarm Installed At Ruhlin Construction To Mitigate Legal Risk

Rhulin Construction (Sharon Center, OH) has been serving the civil and industrial community as an architectural/construction powerhouse since 1915. Offering construction management, general contracting services, and design-build services, Rhulin has kept safety and compliance at the top of a tall stack of priorities.  As such, Ruhlin’s corporate office identified their need to protect their team’s assets (their property and their personnel) and reached out to the Smart Digital Security Team to devise a way to ensure vehicles exiting their property met state maximum height requirement.

Why Smart Digital Security Is A Wise Choice For Security Design & Installation

clearance bar strobe lightStrobe and Auditory Alarm Triggered By Laser Beam Disruption

Being led by military veteran Brent Canfield, the Smart Digital Team is insatiably driven toward pushing technology to the edge and delivering innovations other companies are incapable of delivering. Even though Smart Digital is best known for identifying vulnerabilities in the layers of security that commercial and residential properties need to assess, their innate ability to rapidly problem-solve put them at the top of the list as a company capable of designing and installing ways to detect and alert drivers if they are moving overloaded vehicle.

What System Did Rhulin Have Installed?

Rhulin needed an unmanned perimeter system that would not impede the inflow/outflow of their approved traffic. In many cases, a physical security gate with a human operator or a low hanging clearance bar would have been the right choice, but neither of those options would provide an around-the-clock solution that would notify drivers when issues arose.

In this particular instance, the company needed to alert drivers if their truck was overloaded by way of audible/visual annunciation.

semi laser clearance bar

What Are The Features Of This Alarm?

With the maximum height for semis in Ohio set to 13’6″, Smart Digital designed and installed a series of lasers that were set to the exact height of 13’6″. When vehicles under that height pass no alarm is triggered, but when a vehicle higher than 13’5″ breaks the laser’s connection, then an internal alarm will cause a siren to sound off and a strobing light to pulse; signaling to the driver that further inspection is required.

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