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We Must Repair What Is Tattered

Despite the political unrest and division in our nation, we are a union. Our greatest symbol of freedom, the American Flag, represents not only what we have, but what we have lost to maintain our independence. Though we are independent as a nation and individuals who act independently, we are

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Commercial Security

Manufacturing Motivation: Get Back On Your Mission & Succeed

Dash of Grit featured SmartDigital owner, Brent Canfield, as a podcast guest to speak about the progress of success, intrinsic motivation, and the passion for using technology to protect people. “What demonstrated success to me was that our product was responsible for saving the lives of an entire family.” —

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Residential Security

Which Layers Of Security Keep Your Family Safe?

Security can be very complex, as there are many facets of security. From security guards to security systems, security can be very intricate with many options. Ultimately, whether it pertains to protecting your home or your facility, you first need to know what your security posture is. Once you know

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