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Residential Security Cameras With Night Vision Capability For Dark Areas Of A Property

As you consider the various layers of your home’s security system, installing surveillance cameras that detect motion on the outermost layer of your property can not only record criminal activity, but also can deter intrusion, vandalism, or attack. As a leading provider of home security solutions across northern Ohio, the SmartDigital team is proud to offer home security solutions that are on the leading edge of modern security technology.

residential ptz camera installation ohioPTZ Camera Installed On The Front Corner Of A Home To Control Vehicle & Foot Traffic

Cameras positioned on the corners of your home offer the widest field of vision. When coupled with a PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera your surveillance has the ability to capture minute details that can trigger the dispatch of authorities when true danger exists. Additionally, when appropriate, long-range, infrared cameras can detect motion up to 1400 feet in total darkness.

What Home Surveillance Camera Works Best At The Front Of A Home?

In a recent home security camera installation, our team took into account that the front of the residence would see the most security benefit from installing a PTZ camera. This offers the ability to track and record vehicle or foot traffic that enters through the main drive.

This camera positioning allows you to monitor your property and control the camera angle directly from your computer or mobile phone — which can be done while you are at home, at work, or on vacation.

What Home Security Camera Is Best For Surveying A Backyard?

residential surveillance camera installation night vision ohioInfrared Surveillance Camera Installed On Back Of Home To Watch Backyard Through The Night

Whether you live in a rural area or the suburbs, the back of your property is typically the area with the least amount of light at night. Unfortunately, criminals often take advantage of the ability to approach homes from places they cannot be detected. The good news for homeowners is that infrared cameras can be installed that view fine details in no-light situations and alert a live monitoring station when motion is detected. In the event of a true threat, the live monitoring station will alert the appropriate authorities and also keep you informed about the incident.

How To Get Started With Installing A Home Security System

When it comes to protecting your home, your family’s security should not be taken for granted. Keeping an eye on the areas around your home is just as important as installing window or door alarm systems. You can start your home security process by calling our home security experts and by taking this self-assessment.

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