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Surveillance & Alarm Systems Installer In Ohio

crw freight chooses smart digital for secruity

CRW Trucking & Freight Chose Smart Digital Security To Maximize Fuel Island And Parking Lot Security

CRW Freight (Wayne County, OH) is a family-owned trucking company, that prides itself on conducting business with integrity. As such, CRW Freight is concerned with the timelines of their customers and operates with sustainability as a mission. CRW Freight has equipped its drivers with newer model trucks spec’d and outfitted with proven aerodynamic packages, the latest technologies, and maintained at peak performance levels. With this level of investment in their trucking & freight vehicles, it is no doubt that CRW Freight had the security of people, building, parking lot, and fuel island in mind.



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The Challenge: Freight & Parking Lots Require Specific Security Solutions

As with most trucking & freight companies, a large portion of the business funds are sunk into vehicles, maintenance, and fueling capabilities. Whether these vehicles are at rest in the parking lots, fueling up for deliveries, or on the road. freight yard security is critical. The most common issue that most trucking companies, parking lots, and freight yards face is that there is a wide perimeter; which requires vigilant surveillance from multiple vantage points. If too few cameras are placed or positioned incorrectly, then there is potential for blind spots, which result in the possibility of theft or vandalism. If too many cameras are placed, then the security installation & maintenance of the security camera would not be a financially viable option.

Beyond security and surveillance, it is time-consuming for property managers and freight staff to continuously walk around to the parking lot to see if there is an issue. The inability to see the entire property at a glance/on a monitoring screen is a distraction that costs a lot of time and money.

The Solution: Install Security Cameras That Reduce Blind Spots And Deter Criminal Activity

trucking security camerasIngress Protection & Power Over EthernetSmart Digital designed a security solution that gained the highest amount of visibility with the least amount of hardware. To solve the potential for blind spots we installed PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras on a utility pole to maximize the coverage of their fuel island and parking lot. To accomplish this, we had to design IP (Ingress Protection) enclosures and incorporate a power source and POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch for network connectivity back to the centralized building where the NVR (Network Video Recorder) resides. This project was unique because it was a customized design/installation project that is not typical so that we could maximize the viewing capabilities with as few cameras we possible.

“From the start, we realized that like most freight & trucking companies, the surveillance system needed to eliminate as many blind spots as possible and be protected against human and/or weather damage. We decided to install the surveillance system on an existing utility pole so that a wide range of vision with a limited number of cameras would-be possible. As an added bonus, keeping the cameras visible and out of reach will aid in deterring theft and vandals at this trucking company.”
— Brent Canfield, CEO at Smart Digital, LLC

The Result: Freight Lot & Fuel Island Security Footage Available In All Weather Conditions

Now that CRW Freight’s security is up and running. the fuel island, parking lot, and building have a weather-resistant surveillance system that keeps digital recordings of activity on their property. Being an openly visible, but out of reach, security system, CRW Freight also realizes the benefit of deterring potential threats, damage, and/or loss of property.

In addition to protecting the freight yard and fuel island, CRW Trucking now is able to accelerate the efficiencies of managing the trucks in the parking lots without having to continuously go out to the parking lot. Their new surveillance system keeps office personnel informed with real-time status of each and every truck and situation on the property — which saves the company time and money.

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