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Smart Digital® is a low voltage contractor that specializes in structured networks and security. We install and configure voice and data networks, audio, security and access control. We offer solutions for streaming audio, security and surveillance, which saves you money on your insurance policy. Contact us to see how we can improve your business security.

The need for this technology obviously spans many industries as SentryPODS® runs the gamut from tactical to technical. Simply the best commercial security companies. We are a veteran-owned company with a continuing education program for our technicians to stay current with certifications and training.


Security Services we offer for Commercial Security

  • Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Fire Protection


Industrial & Reporte Security Camera Systems Specs

Camera Specs & Capabilities:

  • SentryPODS® have many capabilities including long range cameras, high-quality, long-range IR, (infrared) night vision cameras, thermal or standard 30x PTZ cameras
  • The primary detection capability of the SentryPODS® is video motion detection provided by the SentryPODS® camera which are available in varying degrees of capabilities such as long range, night vision, PTZ, etc. The accuracy and range of these camera options varies, but is considered state-of-the-art.
  • Expands the visual reach of mobile units utilizing real-time surveillance and notifications
  • Helps alert and protect agents from approaching dangers or threats from any direction
  • Coverage can be rapidly relocated or left on station unattended acting as a virtual agent, removing the agents from harm’s way, exponentially increasing foot power
  • Well-suited for open terrain deployments (fixed or re-deployable)
  • Coverage over very large open terrain areas is possible with motion detection to alert monitoring systems of potential activity, as well as utilizing the virtual fence as perimeter detection, notifying agents of a beach of a particular area or zone

Remote & Industrial Security Systems

SentryPODS® (Protective Overt Deployable Surveillance) are the world’s most advanced remote surveillance solution. Developed by former military members, SentryPODS® are engineered to function much like tactical operators and gain access to video/resources within 3-5 minutes, with the primary focus being autonomous surveillance.