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The Importance Of Performing A Home Security Assessment

If you ever find yourself tossing and turning at night, wondering what you can do to truly optimize your home’s security, you can now rest easy. Completing a Home Security Assessment like the one provided by Smart Digital can help pinpoint areas of your home’s security that meet and/or exceed standards – and what residential security features could use a helping hand.

But just what is a Home Security Assessment? Put simply, it’s a thorough review of a home’s physical security that considers both high-tech safety precautions such as surveillance systems and alarms as well as basic theft-preventing tools such as window and door locks. At Smart Digital, we also use our Home Security Assessment as a tool for homeowners to examine their own theft-preventing behaviors to better understand where security improvements can be made. These kinds of behaviors include knowing whether a client consistently keeps their exterior doors and windows locked and whether or not they regularly trim their yard’s shrubbery and trees to allow for maximum street visibility.

By completing a Home Security Assessment, homeowners will be better equipped to identify any vulnerabilities in their home’s security and then proceed with making the necessary changes to lessen the likelihood that their home will be targeted by burglars. However, according to the Richardson, TX police department’s website, it’s important to be objective about your home when completing your assessment.

To do so, they advise that homeowners should view their homes through the eyes of a burglar and then consider the following questions: “What may or may not attract a burglar to your home? Is there a Neighborhood Watch on the street? Is there good visibility in and out that might allow neighbors and police patrols to see a burglar? Are doors and windows difficult to defeat? Is there an alarm system in place to hurry the burglar? Are belongings marked or inventoried that might result in recovery and/or an arrest after the fact? What can I do to make my home too risky for burglars?”

Silva Consultants recommend much of the same methodology, but they also recommend taking a close look at your family’s evacuation plans, sleeping areas, and storage areas to better identify and consider any lurking security risks or threats.

Additionally, we recommend taking a tally of all of the big-ticket items in your home (such as computers, TVs, jewelry, firearms, etc.) and keeping a tally of their values and their serial numbers in either our online Home Security Assessment form or in a secure place that can be either online or offline. Recording this information can prove to be helpful in the event of a theft or other catastrophe, but it can also help give you an idea of just how many valuables you have onsite on your property.

Once your assessment has been completed and all of this information has been compiled, the real journey of boosting your home’s security can begin. That’s where Smart Digital comes in. If you are interested in connecting with our highly trained security professionals, please click here.

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