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Types Of Gates For Perimeter Security

The primary use of gates is to keep one’s house/facility secured from unwanted entries. It is the first layer of multi-layer property security. Having an automated gate access control system at your business or home will help improve the perimeter security and also makes it easier to grant access to your guests. In this article, we will talk about the 5 different types of gates used for residential, commercial, and industrial perimeter security.


1. Swing Gates

swing gate installation ohioSwing gates are the most commonly used type of gate, especially as gates for residential properties,  because they are easier to install and operate in comparison to other types of gates. One end of the gate can typically extend to 90 degrees when fully opened, or even up to 180 degrees depending on how it is installed. Installation of gate access control systems and making a swing gate automated is a highly recommended upgrade for property owners.

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2. Slide Gates

The appearance of a gate is one thing that people consider when choosing their security gate. Many business and homeowners will go for sliding gates because of the modern aesthetics that give value and appeal to their property. Aside from the visual attraction that it gives, slide gates also offer quality security features. They also allow smoother operation and with less trouble compared to the traditional swing gates.

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3. Vertical Lift Gates

gate installer vertical lift ohioInstead of sliding to the side or swinging outwards, the vertical lift gate can be opened by moving upwards. Vertical lift gates are perfect for situations where you have limited space for a sideward slide or a swing gate installation. These gates are typically used for commercial or industrial spaces.

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4. Vertical Pivot Gates

vertical pivot gate for parking lot ohioFor perimeter security of industrial and commercial facilities, slide gates are commonly installed. The Vertical Pivot Gates is not very common, but this type of gate also offers many security benefits and unique features.

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5. Bi-Folding Gates

bifold gate installer ohioBi-Folding Gates are very flexible and can be installed in an area with limited space, making it the perfect solution for residential and commercial gateway security when a traditional swing gate or slide gate is not feasible.

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