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Why Your Home’s Lighting Can Play A Key Role In Preventing Theft

Security systems, locked doors, and guard dogs are often top of mind when many people think of upping their home’s security, but did you know that lighting can play an important role in keeping you safe? According to Utah Lights, “security lighting can improve most any home’s security system” – especially since they report that a “well lit property is a property less trespassed.”

Because a home that is well lit from the inside and out can give the impression to thieves that homeowners are present and ready to report any funny business to the authorities, it’s a good idea to keep interior and exterior lights on during the evening in order to create a “psychological barrier” for intruders that will deter them from breaking into your home.

However, while many homeowners have long relied on motion-detecting lights for home security, Utah Lights reports that these time-honoured security lights don’t always provide the best protection, as they rely on perpetrators to first approach your property before they are switched on automatically – and if perpetrators have already approached your home, it might be too late for the automatic lights to deter them from their intended plan.

Instead, consider taking the following steps to boost your home’s outdoor and landscape lighting – and, by extension, your home’s security:

  • Installing low-voltage outdoor lights that stay on throughout the night. Constant light tends to be more of a deterrent than sporadic light offered by traditional motion-detecting lights. Whether these outdoor lights are soft, ambient lights that gently highlight and accent trees in your yard or illuminate your front lawn’s water feature, the important thing is that they provide constant light that deters thieves while also not being too bright (therefore keeping your neighbors happy).
  • Installing lighting to illuminate your home’s entryways. Since entryways are often where break-ins occur – and burglars would rather not be detected when attempting a robbery – lighting these vulnerable areas will reduce the chances of thieves attempting to break in. As a bonus, keeping these areas lit will also make it easier for guests arriving at or leaving your home to see where they are going.
  • Installing dual-purpose task lighting. A multipurpose investment, task lighting like down lights simultaneously illuminate areas of a property to help guide you around winding paths and potential hazards while also shining a light on all who trespass during the dark. These lights ensure that those inside the home have a clear view of exterior goings on, which means that upon installation, you can enjoy both well-lit views of your home’s landscaping while inside and see clearly anyone who might be sneaking around in your yard during the night.

Balancing beauty and function in your home’s landscape lighting can be tricky, so it might be a good idea to enlist the services of a professional landscape lighting service in your area. When done right by a professional – and when used in conjunction with a home security system – landscape lighting can provide incredible peace of mind while it simultaneously provides a great amount of theft deterrence.


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