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Which Layers Of Security Keep Your Family Safe?

Security can be very complex, as there are many facets to security. From security guards to security systems, security can be very intricate with many options. Ultimately, whether it pertains to protecting your home or your facility, you first need to be familiar with your security posture. Once you know what your current security posture is, then you then have a baseline and can plan from there. If you were to unpackage security as it pertains to the protection of people and/or property, it is easiest understood if you break it down by layers or zones.

Most people are not security experts, but we all have animal-like instincts. These are our natural responses to threats or mayhem; they are the natural way in how we react when someone or something threatens us or someone else. These animal-like instincts are wired into every one of us and they are designed to assist us in the natural ability to survive. There are a few key things you need to know.

1. Have a plan. Do not rely on circumstance to dictate the outcome – dead people tried that. You need to have a plan and it needs to be a comprehensive plan.

2. Get a home security system and use it. Most people who have a security system don’t even use it. What good is a security system if it isn’t being utilized?

3. Protect your home or facility in layers. There are 3 main layers of security for a home:

Layer 1 – The Perimeter

gated access installation company in ohioLayer 1, (The Perimeter) is the exterior of your home or property. The perimeter can be protected by surveillance cameras and/or early detection devices such as outdoor motion sensors, beam detectors, or door contacts on a gate, etc.

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Layer 2 – Home Entry/Exit Points

home security company and alarm systems in ohio This includes ANY entry/exit point into your home. Layer 2 is any door, gate or garage door that leads directly into your home from the outside. This can be protected by surveillance cameras, (for early warning awareness or validity) door contacts, motion sensors, (looking at the door) and/or beam detectors, (This is a case where you have a multitude of doors in a row, such as a multiple car garage.

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Layer3 – Inside Your Home

home security control panel from 2gig This is the inside of your home. Layer 3 is where all of the details need to be. Understand at this level, the goal is no longer to protect but to delay and/or defend against the intrusion or attack, because if the bad guy is in your home, it not only changes the game, but it accelerates your need for survival. This is where your plan needs to be the most comprehensive. The plan at this level needs to recognize that the bad guy is in your home and you need to switch gears on what the action plan is. Don’t worry about whether you will have the ability to be aggressive or not, the limbic system part of your brain will take over in this event. The Limbic System is the part of your brain that automatically puts you in “fight” mode. This is not a manual setting, it is automatic – you don’t even need to think about it.

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Remember, consistency conquers defeat; consistent training drastically improves the efficiency of your response and prevents rookie mistakes, like forgetting to chamber a round.

You need to have a plan. I’m not talking about a contingency plan, that is a whole different chapter. Keep your plan as basic as possible because when mayhem happens, you will do a brain dump. Our cognitive response at that level flips our internal switch to fight or flight. You will respond to the way you train. It’s that simple.

The number one goal of your plan is to survive and save the lives of those around you.

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