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Our team is dedicated to providing home security installations and monitoring services to communities in Northern Ohio. Whether you need to remotely access, view, control your home’s locks and lighting, and/or get alerts when suspicious activity occurs, we have the experience needed to level-up your home’s protection. Choose a location near you for more information.

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Protect with Smart Digital's Home Security Solutions

Smart Digital offers solutions that will fit any budget. No matter what your needs, we staff the most highly trained professionals that give you options based on your needs.


We install and configure voice and data networks, audio, security and access control.


We offer monitoring service that can ensure you that your home will be safe while you are away.


Whenever you have a security problem. We are available to support you 24/7.

Monitor Your Home Remotely

Do you want to ensure the safety of your family at home from time to time? With Smart Digital’s security solution, you can monitor your home anywhere you are just with the use of your smartphone or other similar device. 

Receive an alert notification

You will receive a notification whenever there is an event of an alarm on your property. (Intrusion, Motion Detection, Humidity & Moisture) Giving you enough time to take action right away.

Control Your Locks & Lighting

Reassure yourself that your house is safe by checking on the locks wherever you are. Remotely lock or unlock doors and control lighting or temperature at your house from your smartphone.

Request a No-obligation security consultation

Our team of security experts can give you a free assessment to know which kind of security solution is the right fit for your home. With our extensive experience serving communities in Ohio, we have no doubt we can find the best security solution possible for your house and family.