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Security Systems for Trucking & Freight

Protect your trucks & freight yard with a modern security solution from Smart Digital.

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Get The Right Security Solution For Trucking And Freight Business

The most common issue that most trucking companies, parking lots, and freight yards face is that there is a wide perimeter; which requires vigilant surveillance from multiple vantage points. If too few cameras are placed or positioned incorrectly, then there is a potential for blind spots; resulting in the possibility of theft or vandalism. If too many cameras are placed, then the security installation & maintenance of the security camera is not a financially viable option.

Smart Digital designed a security solution that gained the highest amount of visibility with the least amount of hardware. To solve the potential for blind spots we installed PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras on a utility pole to maximize the coverage of their fuel island and parking lot. Contact us today to get a free security consultation for your trucking and freight business.

Security for trucking & freight industry is a Major problem

Most freight companies invest a lot in their vehicles to give a quality service and meet the timeline of their customers; that’s why security for these vehicles is a top priority. Security in the trucking and freight industry has always been a serious issue. Given the fact that freight yards have a massive area to surveil, it is hard to watch the place without the proper technology. This leaves it vulnerable to theft and vandalism, or even serious harm to employees.

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Why choose smart Digital for Trucking & Freight security

Gate Installation Experts

We are a veteran-owned company with a continuing education program for our technicians to stay current with certifications and training.

easy To manage

Our installed security gate solutions give our customers control over phone line precedence, computer and phone locations, and access control for any door in business grounds.

Ahead of the technology

We pride ourselves for always being one step ahead of technology trends. We offer cost effective, smart solutions that give you versatility and control of your business.

Insurance Savings

We offer solutions for security and surveillance which saves you money on your insurance policy. Contact us to see how we can improve your security.

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