Smart Digital® Videos

Who is Smart Digital?

Owner of Smart Digital Security, Brent Canfield, explains why his home & business security installation services are the best in Ohio. Offering home security, gated access for residential driveways, gated access to commercial properties, fire protection, surveillance, and access control Smart Digital’s solutions are custom designed for every scenario that fits the right budget.

Professional Security Installation Company In Ohio

Smart Digital® is an Ohio based company that specializes in many facets of security-focused technologies. Smart Digital provides integrated security solutions, tailored to meet the safety needs of your home. For optimal security, we start with the outer most layer — the perimeter of your home. From there we assess the vulnerabilities of entryways, doors, and windows. Finally, at the center, we ensure your family is protected by installing top of the line security systems that alert the authorities when necessary and may also send you notifications while you are away.

The Benefits of Home & Commercial fire alarm Systems

Having a fire alarm system has a lot of benefits for homeowners and business owners. It can notify people when there’s a fire, help them evacuate, and can also prevent the situation from escalating. There is no doubt that having a fire alarm system on your home or commercial property will save lives. This is also needed for commercial properties to stay code-compliant.

Driveway Gate - Residential Swing Gate

As your first layer of security, your perimeter can be made more secure with a sturdy gate that can be opened via a key fob, mobile app, or entering a 5 digit code into the access panel.

We’ve installed this swig gate with ease of use in mind. You may exit without stopping your vehicle, but if your vehicle stops in the middle of the gate, there are underground detection systems which prevent the gate from closing on your vehicle.

Biometric Door Locking (Fever Detection & Mask Detection)

Gone are the days of being greeted by a friendly receptionist. Today we must protect our business not only from unsolicited visitors but also from the threat of disease. Not only should your visitors and employees wear masks, but also have temperatures checked before entering your building.

Save hours and keep your staff safe with biometric kiosks. These devices can keep doors locked if a fever is detected and/or a mask is not worn.