Industries We Serve

We have no doubts we can find the right security option for you.


Security system for schools is an essential to keep our beloved children and teachers safe from any harm that may occur. We have just the right security solutions that can protect any school sizes from a small day care center to a big university.


Security systems for office is critical to protect the employees from any harm and keep the valuable information of the company safe from corporate sabotage.


Having a security system is important for retail stores to keep the sales environment safe and prevent crimes to happen that may result to a revenue loss.


We can provide the best possible security solutions for any kind of government agencies. Whether it is for keeping crucial information safe or monitoring movements in and out of the place.

Medical Facilities

It is given that the patients, medical staff and public must feel safe within medical facilities. Smart Digital serves the Healthcare industry by providing security systems that can maintain a safe atmosphere and prevent potential crimes from happening.


The security of industrial facilities is very important. From fire prevention to protection of the workers. We can provide a security solution to keep the place safe from any unwanted incidents that can take place.

Construction Site

Often times, fences can be bypassed with little to no effort; leaving construction sites vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Our security system can help detect unwanted intrusion giving you time to dispatch security forces in response to threat.

Trucking & Freight

A large portion of the Trucking & freight business funds are sunk into vehicles, maintenance, and fueling capabilities. Whether these vehicles are at rest in the parking lots, fueling up for deliveries, or on the road, freight yard security is critical.