Residential & Commercial Security Solutions In Ohio

Keeping Your Home
& Business Safe

Integration is our focus. We design solutions for every scenario, whether it is a PTP wireless connection, UAD (Unattended Delivery) or facial recognition for access control, we integrate a solution that fits the needs of our clients.
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Smart Digital Offers Home & Business
Security By Certified Experts

Smart Digital® is an Ohio based company that specializes in many facets of security-focused digital technologies. Smart Digital provides tailored access control solutions including voice, audio, data, video, access gates, and surveillance technologies to enable your home or business to support your safety needs. We offer solutions for streaming audio, security, and surveillance, which saves you money on your insurance policy and will provide you with piece of mind.

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Residential Security

Keep your home & Family Safe

Our team is dedicated to providing residential security installations and monitoring services to communities in Northern Ohio. Whether you need to remotely access, view, control your home’s locks and lighting, and/or get alerts when suspicious activity occurs, we have the experience needed to level-up your home’s protection. Choose a location near you for more information.

Commercial Security

Improve the security of your business

Smart Digital® is a low voltage contractor that specializes in access gates and security. We install and configure voice and data networks, audio, security and access control. We are a veteran-owned company with a continuing education program for our technicians to stay current with certifications and training. We offer solutions for streaming audio, security and surveillance, which saves you money on your insurance policy. We have extensive experience serving different kinds of industries. Call us now to learn how we can improve the security of your business.

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Serving Northern Ohio

Smart Digital's Services & Benefits

Access Control And Monitoring Solutions

Smart Digital® offers Access Control and Remote Access solutions for your facility. Whether you need to control or restrict the access of a door, remotely view a loading dock or receive notifications for malicious activity, Smart Digital® is your answer.

Remote Access

Wherever you are, Smart Digital® can configure remote access to your premises through the web from your smart phone or similar device. You can also receive notifications in the event of an alarm or unusual circumstance. Most insurance companies offer a discount on your homeowners or business policy.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

Smart Digital® offers internet phone services (VOIP) that enables you to streamline your business by allowing your phone number to be transfered to any location in the world. VOIP technology gives you the ability to receive, save or forward voice mails.

Theater & Presentation

Make effective presentations that will impact your clients. If you can dream it, it’s possible. Smart Digital® designs the most sophisticated conference rooms that the market has to offer. Virtual offices are more and more in demand. Smart Digital® can design a media room that will give you the ability to video conference with your clients anywhere in the world.

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