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CASE STUDY: Hillman Precision, Inc. Upgrades Perimeter Protection

Company Overview

Hillman Precision, Inc. located in Ashland, OH, is dedicated to helping customers by providing them with the highest quality parts on time and at a fair price. The family-owned company services customers from a 37,000-square-foot facility that includes a machine shop and warehouse. Areas of expertise include CNC lathes and millwork, as well as creating bar stocks and castings in aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, plastic, and more. Hillman Precision currently manufactures parts for the pump, medical, latex, firefighting, and auto glass industries. Other services include warehousing, long runs, prototypes, assembly, short runs, maintenance repairs, and engineering. The company’s expert technicians can produce parts from a customer drawing, or reverse engineer a component from a sample.

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The Challenge

Hillman Precision’s facility in Ashland, OH is vast and difficult to monitor. One of the particular safety challenges owner Sam Hillman faced was unwanted people in the warehouse parking lot after hours. Concerned with the security of his machine shop, Hillman contacted Brent Canfield and the Smart Digital team to suggest a solution that would secure the perimeter of his property. Hillman had previously partnered with Smart Digital to manufacture components for their security solutions, so he was familiar and comfortable with the company – in fact, he didn’t consider any other security companies for the job. Canfield and his team assessed the situation and then recommended a total of 13 cameras placed strategically both inside the facility and outside in the parking area, all equipped with remote monitoring and DVR to record unwanted activity.

The Solution

Smart Digital’s security experts installed 13 cameras at Hillman Precision Inc.’s facility in Ashland, OH. The surveillance system they installed includes video surveillance monitoring but goes beyond simple surveillance to include cutting-edge cameras equipped with night-vision, motion-triggered detection, and 24-hour live surveillance. Special features for each camera include:

  • Motion triggered – recording starts when motion is detected.
  • Continuous video recording – commercial surveillance that is recording 24/7.
  • Night vision – a feature on commercial surveillance systems that allows cameras to capture clear, crisp images in the dark.
  • Weatherproof – commercial camera housings built to withstand extreme temperatures and other adverse weather conditions.

The Result

One of the unique features of the solution presented to Hillman Precision was Smart Digital’s 24/7 live monitoring services. This allows the potential threat to be analyzed to determine what response is needed in any given situation and whether law enforcement needs to be alerted. In the chance of any violation being detected, the live surveillance team investigates the situation to determine if further action is needed.  Simply knowing that his facility is secured 24/7 has given Sam Hillman peace of mind and the ability to focus on his customers— not unwanted intruders on his property.

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