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CASE STUDY: Securing Pallotta Ford’s Perimeter With Surveillance Cameras And Live Operators

Company Overview

Pallotta Ford Lincoln, in Wooster, OH, offers customers a no-pressure sales process and transparent pricing. The dealership strives to offer a selection of new and used cars that people want to drive. This family-owned and –operated dealership puts the needs of each customer first with honesty and integrity and does not rely on hidden fees or gimmicky sales tactics. The dealership also features a dedicated Ford service department for any maintenance need or repair situation that arises. If you’re in the Wooster, Ashland, Aron, Massillon, Mansfield, or Canton area, consider visiting Pallotta Ford Lincoln for your automotive needs.

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The Challenge

Over the course of the past year, the staff at Pallotta Ford Lincoln noticed that theft and vandalism were on the rise. Wheels, rims, catalytic converters, and even vehicles were being stolen from the dealership’s lot, affecting the value of the inventory and the company’s bottom line. Pallota Ford Lincoln reached out to Smart Digital and Brent Canfield for an assessment of the security measures that were in place. Although the dealership did have cameras already situated on the lot, Canfield and his team knew they could improve the site’s security. After a full sweep of the perimeter, the Smart Digital technicians discussed access gates, an alarm system, motion detectors, and wireless curtains with photodetection as options for Pallotta Ford Lincoln to consider.

The Solution

In the end, Smart Digital was asked to install an additional 16 surveillance cameras on the dealership’s lot. However, Canfield and his team were able to make the coverage area of these cameras much more expansive by using point-to-pint wireless connections. In addition, Canfield recommended that live camera operators be on hand to watch the cameras and raise the alarm if they noticed suspicious activity on the lot during and after business hours. This solution was cheaper and able to be implemented much faster than the other solutions offered, and the dealership has been pleased with the added security and better visibility of activity on the sales lot.

The Result

The installation of the 16 surveillance cameras took the Smart Digital team approximately two weeks. This particular project ran a bit longer than usual due to a unique situation involving NEMA ratings. The team had to add extra ingress protection rating for the camera enclosure to make sure that air and water did not impact the components. However, once installed and operational, the cameras have been providing added visibility of inventory and the ability for camera operators and sales reps to go back and view archival footage of the sales lot. Additionally, the camera placement is visible to the casual bystander, which acts as a visual deterrent and alerts potential wrongdoers to the presence of security on the lot. With the added security onsite, the owner and staff of Pallotta Ford are happy to report that their problems with theft and vandalism have taken a significant downturn.

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