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CASE STUDY: The Canadian National Railroad Upgrades Gate Access Security

Company Overview

The Canadian National Railroad, located in Conneaut, OH, links the Port of Conneaut to the coal fields of Appalachia. The company provides barge-to-rail services between the Port of Conneaut and the Duquesne Wharf in Pittsburgh, bringing coal from inland waterways for wider distribution from the Port of Conneaut. To contact the Canadian National Railroad, call their offices at (440) 593-1139.

The Challenge

“The team was good and only spent two days on the setup. We are very satisfied with the installation.”
– Gina Rasmussen
The Canadian National Railroad

In order to secure the items it transports for its clients, CNR relies on gated access to its facilities. It is important to limit access of the facilities to authorized users, but it is also important that the employees and contractors allowed onsite can easily enter the areas they need to access. For this reason, CNR relies on an automated keypad to control gated entry to their facilities. The company noticed, however, that its existing system needed an upgrade to function more efficiently. So they contacted Brent Canfield and Smart Digital to assess the situation, based on the prior working relationship that the two companies had with each other.

The Solution

Canfield recommended a new telephone entry system with a keypad that allowed employees and visitors to enter a security code that would leave the gate open for a longer period of time. This system would automate the process of managing employees and visitors attempting to pass through secure entry points, mitigating the need for on-site surveillance or guards. In short, controlling access to the site prioritizes the security of goods for CNR and ensures the safe delivery of all products scheduled to be transported by the railroad.

The Result

The result of this keypad installation and upgrade was very positive for CNR. Not only will the improved access security protect their facility from theft and other incidents, but it provides 24/7 security and an excellent way to manage both visitors and daily deliveries. Gina Rasmussen, a spokesperson for the Canadian National Railroad, said the company was still trying to iron out some issues that the new technology has had integrating with the existing power system that operates the gate but is otherwise very pleased with the enhanced security features provided by the new keyboard panel.

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