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Residential Gate Access Control Installation Near Ashland, OH

As part of a recent home security project, SmartDigital has installed a residential gate access security panel at the home of a local resident. Our choice of product for this project was a DoorKing access panel and gear-driven gate motors.

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gated access for residential securityAt the start of this project, it was clear that the right type of security gate needed to be a swinging gate. Had we installed a sliding gate, then the project cost would have been significantly higher and would have caused delays because of the number of trees positioned on each side of the driveway.

residential gate access installer ohio keyed entry We found that the safest and most durable way for this driveway gate security system to be installed was to cement the access control panel to the ground, to use non-hydraulic motors, and to bury a vehicle detection line to ensure that the flow of traffic would be easy for the property owner to manage.

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driveway gate with extra security featuresFor vehicle entry, the gate will open when the proper key-code is dialed into the access control panel, when a keyfob is present, during intercom communication, and/or with an app on your phone.

For vehicle exit, the vehicle is able to progress through the gates without stopping, but in the event that the vehicle needs to stop while in the gate’s swing zone, the gate will remain open until after the vehicle has moved beyond the area that the swing gate would strike the vehicle.

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